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Since the invention of the internet tutors has found the incidence of piracy in written work to have increased significantly. It is simply using someone else’s words as your own, whether it is done intentionally by simply copying someone else’s work or unintentionally when you forget to show that something was a quotation. Many tutors employ the best plagiarism checker article rewriter that they can find to discover if work submitted is unique. Students, on the other hand, maybe using a plagiarism rewriter to avoid submitting copied work.

There are many ways that you can submit work that would be considered plagiarized and most students will seek to overcome this by plagiarism checker and rewriter for the original text.

The problem is that quick-changing words are not as easy to do as most students expect. Many will find that they still repeat some of the original phrasings and that they get flagged by the software used by their school or college when they hand in their writing.

What Are the Different Types of Piracy?

The following would all be considered non-original content within your writing and should be avoided if you do not want any issues with your work:

  • Using a direct quotation without acknowledging the original author: the quoted text must be within quotation marks and a citation made. The same is true for images and other media that was not created by yourself.
  • Not citing a borrowed text or a summary: just because you have written something into your own words does not make it your own idea. You must still cite the original source to give credit to them.
  • Poor referencing: your citation and references must be done correctly and in the right academic style to avoid any issues.
  • Made up references: just because you cannot remember where you found the information does not mean that you can simply make up a source for it.
  • Presenting someone else’s work as your own: submitting an elder siblings essay as your own for instance.
  • Collusion with your writing: your writing should be your own and not the result of a group effort that you fail to declare.

Best Plagiarism Checker Article Rewriter

Failing to plagiarism rewriter online in an academic setting can lead to some potentially very serious problems for you. If it is seen as being accidental then you may have your grades reduced significantly, more serious and deliberate stealing content could easily see you suspended from your studies or even permanently removed from your course. Few colleges and universities will tolerate any form of cribbing from your work.

Within a professional setting many people could have benefited from writing words in the synonyms help:

  • J.K Rowling: she was accused of copying ideas from an earlier book called “Willy the Wizard” and has found herself being taken to court in multiple countries.
  • Nicki Minaj: not only has she been accused of stealing lyrics for her songs on more than one occasion she has also been taken to court for stealing wig designs.
  • Alex Haley: the author of the highly successful book “Roots” was sued and had to admit that he had copied large chunks of his work from another author.

To be an article rewriter to avoid plagiarism is hard. The following are methods that you can use to deal with low uniqueness:

  • Use only your own ideas: original writing that does not try to recycle the works of others will generally always be original.
  • Do not simply submit work knowing that it is copied or written by another.
  • Start your writing early: give yourself plenty of time to get your writing done as often rushing will cause your mistakes.
  • Take careful notes: record all of the information required for any citations and make it clear if you have paraphrased or recorded a direct quotation.
  • If you copy information directly into your work intending to change it later do so in a different colour so that you don’t forget.
  • If you directly quote someone’s words ensure that you use quotation marks to highlight them and provide a citation.
  • Write things into your own words: ensure that you have not copied any of the original text and still provide a citation.
  • Ensure that your citations are correct: there are many free tools online that can help you do your citations and references in the required style.
  • Improve your own writing skills: by doing plenty of practice you can help to ensure that you keep your writing free of issues.
  • Use an anti plagiarism rewriter to fix any issues with your writing before you submit it.

If you need to do article rewriter plagiarism check then the following tips will help you to do it without encountering any errors:

  • Ensure that you fully understand all of the original source text. This may require you to read it several times.
  • Make notes of all of the points that you wish to repeat in your text. Writing in your own words will seek to repeat all points but a summary may only repeat selected or the most important.
  • Arrange those notes into a logical order for your own writing: this can be totally different from the original.
  • Write using only your notes and not looking back at the original.
  • Compare the two texts and change anything that has been unintentionally repeated.

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