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Why Must You Rewrite Text to Avoid Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is simply copying; using someone else’s words or ideas and presenting them as your own. Something that is very easy to do when using the internet to write your paper. Many will try to rewrite to avoid plagiarism. However, paraphrase plagiarism is also hard to avoid as many will struggle to be able to rewrite something purely into their own words.

Paraphrasing is not simply swapping words. It is about repeating the original meaning in your own words. These words should be completely different to the original, especially if you are to avoid any possibility of being accused of plagiarism. This, however, is far harder to do than many expect and they find themselves still repeating much of the original text.

Rewording to avoid plagiarism is going to require a lot of hard work and practice on your part if you are to do it well. This is why many students will look for an avoid plagiarism generator or a rewriting service such as ours for support. We can show you how to rewrite paper to avoid plagiarism when you submit your work.

Common Types of Plagiarism

Plagiarism avoiding is of course much easier when you know the types of plagiarism that you need to avoid. These are:

  • Direct quotation of what others have said: this is blatantly copying text and using it as your own. You should also note that it is not only text that is covered, but figures, illustrations and other information should also all be your own work unless you cite the author to give credit.
  • Poor summarizing and paraphrasing: poorly rewriting text and failing to change it sufficiently can still be seen as plagiarism. Even if you rewrite you should still give credit for the original idea.
  • Poor citations and references: if you get these incorrect then the work can still be seen as plagiarized.
  • Presenting someone else’s work as your own: using another student’s paper and submitting it as your own work will be seen as plagiarism.
  • Colluding on work: your writing should be all your own work and not a shared effort unless you give your co-authors the credit that they deserve.

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Methods of Avoiding Plagiarism

It is always better to avoid copying rather than having to work to remove plagiarism after the event. Writing a unique paper of your own using your own unique ideas are always going to be the best way forward. However, there will always be times when that simply is not a viable option for you. This is when you will need to change wording to avoid plagiarism.

The following are some of the best ways to avoid any form of plagiarism within your writing:

Keep good notes when you do your research

You will need to often refer to sources of information so you need to keep clear and comprehensive notes so that you know the source of all that you use within your writing. Keep the information required for your citations and references and also whether you have recorded a direct quote or you have rewritten the information.

Direct quotations

These should be used sparingly as your writing should be your own rather than being a cobbled together collection of other people’s words. Only use quotations where the words used are as important as the message. All quotations must be enclosed within quotation marks and you must provide a clear citation and reference.

Paraphrasing and summarizing

Rather than quoting you will rewrite the information into your own words. Not only does this show your understanding of the source it also allows you to tailor it to your own audience and style of writing. This is far preferable but care must be taken not to duplicate any of the original text. This will still be seen as plagiarism if you do not treat the duplicate words in the same way as a quotation. Even if you rewrite you must still provide a citation and reference.

Get your citations and references correct

Referencing original sources within your paper is very important. Ensure that you fully understand the requirements of the particular academic style that you are using.

The following is an example of using quotations, paraphrasing, and what would still be seen as plagiarism:

Quotation Plagiarism Paraphrase
“When your story is ready for rewrite, cut it to the bone. Get rid of every ounce of excess fat. This is going to hurt; revising a story down to the bare essentials is always a little like murdering children, but it must be done.”

Stephen King

Cut your writing to the bone no matter how much it hurts to get it to the bare essentials. Lose every ounce of fat. While this may feel like murder it has to be done. There is a lot of pain in rewriting your manuscript but it is something that cannot be skipped. You must be able to remove every word and sentence that does not add to what you have written.

Rewriting Sentences to Avoid Plagiarism

If you want to rewrite essay to avoid plagiarism then paraphrasing is the way forward. Using an automatic sentence changer to avoid plagiarism, however, will rarely provide you with useable writing. You will need to understand how to do proper rewriting to avoid plagiarism.

The following tips will help you to perform paraphrasing effectively without any plagiarism:

  • Read the source text until you are confident that you fully understand what has been written. Remember that you are seeking to reflect the meaning of the original in your own words not simply go through it and change a few words for synonyms.
  • Make notes using only your own words of the different points that have been made in the source.
  • Arrange those notes into the order that you want for your rewriting. You may want to make this different to the original if you want to place emphasis on different areas or simply to make it easier to make your writing unique.
  • Rewrite without referral to the original and using only your notes. Leaving some time between rewriting and reading will also help you to keep the rewriting as original as possible.
  • Review the two texts alongside each other are identify any text that you may have duplicated. This should be changed to make it unique or enclosed in quotation marks if there is simply no way to say it differently.
  • Proofread the writing to ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors.

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We Can Help You to Rewrite to Avoid Plagiarism

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